Bonus Round: Poliça Five Year Anniversary @ First Avenue

I’ve seen Poliça live twice, and photographed them once. Both times were in broad daylight in festival settings. They’re easily one of the best things in Minneapolis music right now. Pounding and throbbing electronic production with clear, almost folky songwriting. With two drummers. They’re a mish-mash of a band and I’m always thrilled to hear their music.

Their set was also challenging to shoot for a number of reasons.

You can see the review and gallery here.

Sidebar about color vs monochrome:

I have a couple of litmus tests when I’m deciding between the two. Does the color communicate any information? Does the form of this frame matter more than the color? And similar.

As I was making my final selects for this gallery, all but two of the ten were in monochrome, most likely because the color wasn’t interesting. The graphic quality of monochrome helps to communicate the intensity of a Poliça set. It’s bold and dark and impactful, like the music.

Which isn’t to say that the color wasn’t important. The third song, “Lime Habit,” was green green green. I love green. But in the interest of consistency across the gallery, I opted for monochrome.

It’s arbitrary, but I think it’s also kind of interesting.

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