Bonus Round: P.O.S “Chill, dummy” Release @ 7th St Entry

I love a judicious and merciless edit. It often has nothing to do with the quality of the shot. More often, it’s to do with redundancy. When two shots fulfill the same function in a story or a slideshow, don’t include both. Pick the one that works better with the rest.

That being said…

Sometimes I love the stuff that didn’t make the cut.

I shot P.O.S’s Chill, dummy release show at 7th St Entry last night and it was bonkers and bananas and amazing.

Here are some of the B-sides.

Progress, the beast

As so many creatives and artists out there can understand, I felt “stuck.”

What am I doing that’s different than what I was doing, say, this time a year ago?

I’m out of school.

That’s intimate and conjures up a memory. OK.

I still take pictures of concerts. The process is starting to feel routine. Is that comforting, or is that boring?

Hold on, that Dan Wilson show was amazing and I don’t know anything about Semisonic. I like that one of Sims in the smoke a lot. And both of those shows were the same weekend. OK. 

I still don’t make as many portraits as I wish I did. I made that a goal a long time ago, so what am I doing to change it? Headshots don’t count.

Oh wait, that light is pretty good.

What about my storytelling? When will I finally have a strong enough set of singles so that maybe I can start marketing myself as more of a photojournalist?

I nearly forgot about going to Mountain. I actually remember a lot of important things. I remember how I used to think that I couldn’t navigate intimacy with the people in my pictures. That felt good. The story makes me feel good.

I made a video. I didn’t shoot enough footage and that made the edit difficult, but that gonzo-y wide angle walking stuff is interesting. Bring a monopod or some kind of stabilizer next time.

The stills ain’t bad either. I can see some Mountain in them.

How could I forget that it still hasn’t even been a year since Prince died, and what a rewarding experience covering that beat has been?

How could I forget that I started working on Interface? I made cool, different stuff about things I care about. It’s slow going and sporadic, but it’s meaningful to me.

What I can see, and can’t see. The progress I didn’t notice. Proof is in the pictures, I guess.

Now, to remember that down the road, the next time I get “stuck.” That’d be the real progress.

Women’s March Minnesota

I made my first video piece in I-don’t-remember-how-long today.

100,000 people marched on the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul. Dozens of speakers and musicians took the podium to cheers from a sea of soggy pink hats.

A few stills from the day as well.

I’ve never seen a crowd this big in Minnesota unless you count the State Fair.

Gonna try and make 2017 the year I exercise the video muscle and keep focusing on the things that Mountain taught me.

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