The Real World Pt VIII: Mountain

I went to the Mountain Workshops last week. It’s exhausting, just like they all said it would be. I could go into specifics, and I might a while from now.

For anyone reading this blog besides me, my major takeaways are:

— I’m a much better photo storyteller than I was when I arrived at Mountain, and I’m still not nearly as good as I’d like to be

— Nothing like a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer to whip you into shape over a few days in Kentucky

— Anyone who loves being a visual storyteller (vomit from hearing that phrase thrown around so egregiously and with such self-aggrandizement all week) should absolutely, 100% go to Mountain if you can’t afford the expense and time

— What I learned and experienced last week will stick with me for a loooooooong time and that’s basically all I can ask for

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