Progress, the beast

As so many creatives and artists out there can understand, I felt “stuck.”

What am I doing that’s different than what I was doing, say, this time a year ago?

I’m out of school.

That’s intimate and conjures up a memory. OK.

I still take pictures of concerts. The process is starting to feel routine. Is that comforting, or is that boring?

Hold on, that Dan Wilson show was amazing and I don’t know anything about Semisonic. I like that one of Sims in the smoke a lot. And both of those shows were the same weekend. OK. 

I still don’t make as many portraits as I wish I did. I made that a goal a long time ago, so what am I doing to change it? Headshots don’t count.

Oh wait, that light is pretty good.

What about my storytelling? When will I finally have a strong enough set of singles so that maybe I can start marketing myself as more of a photojournalist?

I nearly forgot about going to Mountain. I actually remember a lot of important things. I remember how I used to think that I couldn’t navigate intimacy with the people in my pictures. That felt good. The story makes me feel good.

I made a video. I didn’t shoot enough footage and that made the edit difficult, but that gonzo-y wide angle walking stuff is interesting. Bring a monopod or some kind of stabilizer next time.

The stills ain’t bad either. I can see some Mountain in them.

How could I forget that it still hasn’t even been a year since Prince died, and what a rewarding experience covering that beat has been?

How could I forget that I started working on Interface? I made cool, different stuff about things I care about. It’s slow going and sporadic, but it’s meaningful to me.

What I can see, and can’t see. The progress I didn’t notice. Proof is in the pictures, I guess.

Now, to remember that down the road, the next time I get “stuck.” That’d be the real progress.

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